Gilbert Grout Cleaning
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Gilbert Grout Tile Cleaning Sealing Repair
Services Offered:
Carpet Cleaning
Tile & Grout Cleaning
Grout Clear Sealing
Grout Color Sealing

Tile & Grout Repair
Upholstery Cleaning

Additional Services Offered
Pet Stain & Odor Removal
Stain Removal
Carpet Stain Guard
Rug Cleaning
Stair Cleaning
Carpet Rotovac Cleaning
Grout Removal and regrouting
Grout Removal & Re-grout Service
If you floor has excessive grout damage the only option may be to remove the old grout & re-grout the damaged area with new grout and apply a clear seal.
Certified member Arizona Ethical Services. Mesa, AZ
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7 Days per week

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Tile and grout cleaning Gilbert, AZ
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About us:

Above & Beyond Carpet & Tile Cleaning LLC is a local owner operated Gilbert carpet cleaning company. As the owner I personally do each job myself and treat each home as if it were my own. If you choose to do business with my company I am sure you will be pleased with the level of service you receive. My motto is "Out of this world service, down to earth prices."

Thank you ,
Kipp Stoltzfus
We use powerful truckmount equipment
We use powerful truck mount equipment to clean you tile and grout.
Powerful grout brushing machine floor cleaner
Our powerful tile and grout cleaning machine utilizes grout scrubbing brushes, 900 PSI, heat, and vacuum to blast away the dirt and grime on your tile and grout. We proudly serve Gilbert, AZ and surrounding areas.
Gilbert Grout Cleaning
Our tile and grout cleaning process

1. Inspection of tile and grout: We begin by inspecting the condition of your tile and grout. We test your grout to determine if and how well it has been sealed. We then perform a test cleaning to determine what type of results can be expected.

2. Consultation of recommended services: We will discuss the desired results you wish to achieve and what services will be required to achieve those results. All work and pricing will be fully disclosed and approved by you prior to start of work.

3. Grout and tile treatment: We begin by treating the tile and grout with a high PH degreasing cleaner. This cleaner will dissolve most greases, oils, and dirt in you grout.

4. Powerful machine cleaning: Our floor cleaning machine utilizes aggressive brush cleaning action combined with 900 PSI of pressure and 150 degree rinsing cleaning agent.

5. Dry mop: Though our machine extracts 98% of the moisture we take the extra step to dry mop you floor so it will by 100% dry when we leave.
Additional Services Available
Grout Color Stain Sealing

We specialize in grout stain sealing

* urethane acrylic formula
* Stains grout to any color you chose (see color chart)
* Last up to 15 years!
* Keeps you grout looking new!
* Creates impregnable barrier of protection
* Lasts over 5 times longer than clear seal! (& looks better!)
* Adds value - it will look like you installed a new floor!

Sealed groutGrout Clear Sealing

We offer clear sealing as an option as well. Typically well maintained floor that will clean thoroughly are good candidates for clear seal. Our clear sealer is a premium natural look, solvent-based, fluoropolymer penetrating sealer formulated to provide maximum stain protection and excellent oil and water repellency.  Clear Guard can be used on marble, limestone, travertine, concrete/masonry, saltillo tile, granite, terrazzo, & grout with little or no change in appearance
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